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Game Typography Challenge | Day 13
Use your favourite colour in a graphic: grey


blessed are the righteous, the lights in the shadow
in their blood the maker’s will is written.
- canticle of benedictions.

the first in a triptych that i’m doing on the three dragon age games so far (with inquisition still coming). i got a little impatient and finished the one for dragon age 2!

my goal was to portray my player character(s) in the in-universe style with my own spin on it to figure out how their fellow thedosians, and especially the chantry, might portray them for history.

origins and inquisiton forthcoming! i’ll probably post those when i do the entire triptych layout too but hey i finished this one already


Commission, Dragon Age OC, Inquisitor Valarr. this one was a lot of fun!


Nightmare by czarnystefan


at last, autumn has come 4 by torne (where’s my lens cap?) on Flickr.

viα fer1972iIllustrations by Olex Oleole (Artist on tumblr)


Backstage with showgirls in 1958 by Gordon Parks for Life Magazine


The Poor Little Rich Girl, 1917


Raven - Kain White

vivalavirgo88 ASKED:
Where did you get the black dress from


*opens my all black wardrobe*


Mark Ryden


The best part about the Skyrim Civil War questline is when I ignore it completely and have my dragonborn live their life collecting books and placing them vry carefully on their house’s bookshelves